English as an Additional Language

The curriculum taught at IST is delivered in English to students of many nationalities, languages and cultures. As an International Secondary School we are very proud to have multilingual students helping each other to master other languages.

Support English learners

IST provides a full English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme to support English learners. The programma is recognised as an English Language Examination Center by Anglia Network Europe.

The role of the EAL teacher is to aid students in learning English, while supporting the development of their mother tongue and the host language, Dutch. This approach not only values where the students come from, it also accelerates their access to the school curriculum. 

Every EAL learner receives a detailed progress report describing their level of attainment and monitoring their progress. Furthermore, the progress reports help teachers and parents understand where an individual's strengths and weaknesses are. Each A1 level EAL student is provided with an Anglia certificate proving their English level according to the Common European Framework.

A pleasant environment

In addition, all classroom teachers and assistants are trained to help students participate in the school curriculum. IST offers an environment in which students feel nurtured and comfortable. This includes learning the languages and skills they need to complete the curriculum and develop their social abilities.

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