Career Advice

Careers and further study advice at our International Secondary School is provided by our Careers Counsellor Ms. Esther Dommerholt and commences at an early age. The guidance in each year has been stated below. 

Year 7, 8 and 9
Starting from year 9, students have to choose their eight (8) subjects for IGCSE, of which English and Mathematics are mandatory. The final choice of subjects and exam levels is made in close consultation with both the student, as well as the parents and the mentor. Our Careers Counsellor is also available to advise students.

Year 10/11
In the final year of IGCSE, students are invited for an individual meeting or may initiate a meeting with the Careers Counsellor to discuss their further education. Staff will also meet to discuss entrance into the IB Diploma Programme, or IB DP for short. 

The final choice for the IB Diploma Programme subjects is made in April in close consultation with parents, the mentor, the Careers Counsellor, Ms. Esther Dommerholt, and our IB Diploma Programme Coordinator Ms. Anke Kolkman.

Several examples of general activities in which students partake are:

  • Orientation on and information about subjects IB Diploma Programme in year 11 (the provisional choice is made in February, and the definite choice in April).
  • Onderwijsbeurs (Education Fair) in Zwolle (year 11).
  • Buitenlandbeurs (Go Abroad Fair) in Utrecht (year 11).
  • Testing personal interests (at the start of year 11).
  • Career counselling available for all students.

Year 12/13 (IB Diploma Programme)
In the final two years of secondary education students will focus on their further career after ISTwente, but mainly during IB DP - year 1. The consideration to focus on a future career in year 1 is based on the application process of certain Universities (of Applied Sciences) which require early applications from students.

Students in the IB DP - year 2 will be required to spend much time focusing on their studies and exams, and will therefore have less time to focus on further career steps.

In the months October/November, the programme starts with a Careers Week for students, during which attention will be paid to the available choices per subject. The students will be given assignments, do research and present their findings to the parents.

In December, there is another information session for parents and students on all options before making their final choices regarding their exam subjects.

Almost all activities regarding further education are organized in year 12. Examples of these activities are:

  • University Education information at University Twente.
  • Higher Education information at Saxion, University of Applied Sciences.
  • Twente goes Techno.
  • Visit Saxion and University Twente.
  • Buitenlandbeurs (Go Abroad Fair) in Utrecht.
  • Testing personal interests (small test).
  • Career counselling available for all students.
  • Professional Parents Day (Parents can sign up by sending an email to:

Students are also encouraged to visit Open Days, apply for Student for a day, visit Career Expos and Study fairs (other than mentioned above which we will visit as a school). When a student is ready to apply for a follow up education, the Careers Counsellor will support him or her by any means.

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