A typical day at school

A school day starts at 8.10, when the ‘first bell’ rings and students grab their books and bags to go to class, which starts at 8.15. After 45 minutes, the bell goes again, and students move on to the next class, which may be at our own department or in another part of the school building that we share with the Dutch school ‘College Zuid’. The classrooms for sciences (because of practicals taking place in specialized labs), arts (studios) and P.E. are shared with the Dutch school. 

In their breaks, students can socialize, relax and prepare for the next lessons. Sometimes, students may have a period off, because they don’t take a particular subject. This time is usually spend on studying, either in our department for group work or in our library for real quiet studying and revising.

Depending on the time table, students can leave after their last lesson, although some choose to stay at school for extra tutoring (for instance in their mother tongue), studying, or socializing which all happens in the multifunctional common space in our department. 

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