Specialist Taught Subjects

For several subjects taught at ISTwente Primary - such as Dutch, Music and Physical Education (PE) - students have their lessons with specialist teachers, other than their class teacher. These subjects are:

In the context of integration into the Dutch community,  the Dutch lessons at ISTwente Primary focus on enabling students being able to communicate with for example children in their neighborhood, in shops and other everyday situations that are important for this age group. Writing starts in year 5, or when the student’s level of Dutch is advanced enough. The lessons are interactive and taught by a native Dutch speaker.

Because of the diversity of nationalities, our students are not always able to express themselves through language. This is why students are also encouraged to express themselves in other ways, for instance with music. The Music curriculum, where possible, is linked to the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) units of work by the specialist teacher. Composition, performance, listening and appreciation skills are the main elements of the Music lessons.

Physical education
Sports are important activities at ISTwente. All students have Physical Education (PE) lessons, from year 3 onwards, from a specialist teacher.


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