Getting inspired by TEDx Veghel

On Friday the 4th October, our year 11, DP1, and DP2 students went to Veghel to listen to TED Talks.
Written on 04.10.2019, 00:00
Getting inspired by TEDx Veghel

We left school, still half asleep, at 6 in the morning. Luckily, by the time the talks started at 9am, everybody was already awake, and buzzing with excitement. After listening to a few inspirational speeches, something else also started buzzing: the fire alarm. We professionally evacuated the building, only to be told that the coffee machine overheated. So we sat back for another round of presentations. I personally found it very interesting to be able to listen to so many professionals talking about topics which we rarely hear anything about. We heard speeches which explained why we should build mega-cities in the Netherlands, how LEGO is trying to invent a new type of sustainable plastic, and even one about the everyday difficulties which a Navy commander faces. Furthermore, there were also two very personal speeches by Lotte Klaver, a young lady with usher syndrome, and Wim Faber, whose daughter was murdered two years ago. 


On the ride back to school, we all talked about our favourite speeches, and everyone found a different one interesting. This showed us that even though we are really close, we are also very different.


Reported by Anna Kovacs

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