School Fees

ISTwente is officially recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, which contributes funds to the school. These government funds cover approximately half of the actual costs. Parents are therefore required to pay school fees, which are charged annually in advance, to cover all other remaining expenses. Please note that annual school fees are tuition fees and not a voluntary 'ouderbijdrage' as applicable in Dutch schools.

The school publishes Standard Terms and Conditions concerning the payment of the fees. These are issued to all parents through the school guide, and can also be found on our website. Parents enter into a contract with the school on agreeing to the Standard Terms & Conditions when signing the Admission Recording Form. The school fees for both primary and secondary can be found below:


School Level


Secondary (Year 7-11)**

Secondary (Year 12-13)**

School Fee per year




    All school fees are in EUR. Price level as of August 2018.
* Fee includes books. Extracurriculuar activties and school trips are not included. 
**  IGCSE, AS and DP exams as well as checkpoint tests costs are not included in this table. 

There are two options for school fee payment:  

1. School fee payment by invoice (either addressed to employer or to parent). Invoices will be sent through email by the end of July.

2. School fee payment in 8 installments, according to the table below.


Before: Primary Secondary
Year 7-11
Year 12-13
1 September € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 October € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 November € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 September € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 December € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 January € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 February € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 March € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
1 April € 562.50 € 850 € 912.50
Total € 4,500 € 6,800 € 7,300


School Fee Reduction

School fees are reduced for families with two or more children. Please note that the highest reduction applies to the youngest child.

  • School Fee reducation for second child     10%
  • School Fee reduction for third child          20%
  • School Fee reduction for fourth child        30%


Families who want to withdraw their child or children from ISTwente have to fill out and submit the withdrawal form, eight weeks in advance of leaving the school. To comply with Dutch government regulations we need the name of the next school or college and contact information for the next school. 

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