Whole School Policies

Admissions Policy
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Standard Terms and Conditions
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Attendance and Lateness at the IST
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Clothing Policy
ISTwente does not require students to wear a school uniform. However, students are requested to avoid wearing particularly expensive clothing to school, nor dress overly casual. ‘‘Easy clothing’ is needed for PE and on swimming days to facilitate rapid changing. As such, T-shirts, shorts and sport shoes are recommended. The PE kit should be kept in a bag, hung on the student’s coat peg and taken home each week for washing. Head coverings are not permitted in class, with the exception of those worn because of religious tradition. Jewellery should not be worn in school. Children should limit themselves to a small, inexpensive wristwatch. Earrings are a hazard in PE lessons and should be removed. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to such items brought into school.

Modern Media Policy
Rules and regulations around the use of modern media are typically a major point of discussion in schools everywhere. Although one can no longer imagine a world without all these gadgets, the school and staff have a responsibility as educators and adults to ensure that these are used appropriately. Experience has made it necessary to make the following arrangements. Students are expected to put their phones and other mobile digital media players inside their lockers upon arrival at school. During lessons, the students can use the netbooks provided by the school. In case of necessity, students may use their phones after asking permission from the education assistant. The staff will confiscate phones if students use them without permission. 

Privacy Policy
All information about the school’s students or their parents/guardians will be kept strictly confidential by ISTwente, in accordance with Dutch privacy regulations. Parents should be aware, however, that the school is legally obliged to provide requested information to Dutch Government entities. In order to celebrate and record the activities taking place at ISTwente, the school takes photographs of events. These may be published in different media such as the website, newsletters, year-book, brochures etc., sometimes even in the local press! In general, students, parents and teachers appreciate these visual memories since they give a good impression of the atmosphere and activities at the school. However, some parents prefer not to have their children’s photographs published. Given the number of pictures taken, it is impossible to ask for permission every time there is an event. Therefore, at the beginning of the school year, parents will receive a form in which they can indicate whether they grant permission, or not, for the publishing of their children’s photos. This form will be kept in each child’s file to ensure compliance with the parents’ wishes.

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